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Envy does not suit you, nor green eyed monster
An imposible notion
Wicked ways and potions, beyond what luck can bring
Blue and green should be seen.

Abundant in life and beauty
Rolling hills, cascading vines, various shades giving life
Newness in growth as little buds bloom, giving hope
Life filled sprouts allow joy to spring up.

Spaces to transport and heal, not artificial just openly real
Breathing in a full breath, exhale with a smile
Fresh air for the soul
Quiet peace, only nature can bring.

Be still
A gentle breeze dances through the trees
Natures orchestra in sync
Water you, water me
Let us water each other, in harmony.

Tend to the garden, with love and care
Then you can keep breathing, learning and growing there
Mindful of what to do when a tiny speck
Shows up in you.

Colour is lost when death comes, passing through ombre shades
Losing the vitality once contained
Dead, decomposed, back to the earth they once arose
No green to be seen.

A scattered seed waits patiently, new birth covered in earth
Green light go forth, restore your natural truth
From gardens of glory
Misunderstood, yet still good.

N.E. Fisher – 2021