Do you dream of publishing your own poetry collection?

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Many aspiring poets dream about publishing their own collection one day but don’t know where to start. We’ve created a practical way to show them how it’s done. In under six months they co-author and publish a book with an experienced poet so that they can go out and do it for themselves.


Nicole C.

“The opportunity to take part in the Poetry Chapel Collective was a transformative, encouraging, supportive experience.
… I rediscovered my voice.”

Carly C.

“I’m proud of what we created together and of how much growth we experienced individually and collectively with David as our guide.”

Andrew C. A.

“This was a course of unexpected surprises and tests that prompted change in the ability and scope of my written expression, and heart motive for doing so.”

Psssst. If you are an established poet and keen to run a fully supported Poetry Chapel™ Collective, please reach out. We’d love to chat.

Winters Never Last
Poetry Chapel™ Vol. 2

Nobody lives immune to the grief and joy that seasons of life bring. A single day can feel like four seasons – along with glorious storms and blinding sunbursts.

This Poetry Chapel(TM) anthology invites readers into a poetic journey through life’s seasonal landscape – reminding them the winters never last and they are never alone.

WINTERS NEVER LAST is a collection of heartfelt poems by best-selling Australian poet David Tensen followed by selected pieces from fourteen emerging poets chosen and mentored by David himself.


The collection contains poems from David Tensen, Deborah Blythe. Lisa Dodge Pinkham. Amanda Dzimianski. Vivien Firth. Suzy George. Kate Hughes. Keally Kweyama. Kate Kim. Marianne Lienard. Elizabeth Ma. Kate Rife. Katy Roth. Catherine Sharpe-Lewis. Joyce Soe.

The Saving I Need
Poetry Chapel™ Vol. 1

From the bestselling author of The Wrestle comes another memorable poetry collection.  
The Saving I Need brings readers over forty poems penned by David Tensen, accompanied by a generous selection of carefully crafted poems from fourteen emerging poets mentored by David.  From its breathtaking opening piece ‘Birthing God’ through to its end, this anthology invites readers into a poetic meditation through beauty, tragedy, hope and spirituality.   
Acclaimed by theologians as a prophetic Psalter of these times, Tensen continues to write with expanding wisdom and empathy, echoing the silent cries of his century and the Christian tradition. 


Title: How To Find Love In The Dark
Author: Franki
Poetry Chapel Press
Title: The Saving I Need
Author: David Tensen and Friends
Poetry Chapel Press
Title: The Wrestle
Author: David Tensen
St. Macrina Press
Title: So I Wrote You A Poem
Author: David Tensen
St. Macrina Press


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